Taking Septic Services Into the Future: Research, Tips and Ideas

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What Are Septic Tanks, and How Are They Maintained?

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Septic tanks are used to break sewage down to make it disposable. They require regular maintenance in the form of pumping out to reduce the need for repairs. How they work A septic tank contains water and bacteria. When sewage passes into the tank, the bacteria break it down to create wastewater and a hard component of sludge. The wastewater then travels to a drain or lagoon where it will be discarded. Read More»

Wastewater Treatment: How to Maintain Your Sand Filter Septic System

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If your home does not have an extended plot of land for a standard drain field, you should look into installing a sand filter system. This type of setup is designed to allow the treated effluent to flow back into the soil through a sand filter or a bed of sand. This septic structure is convenient and inexpensive for a home. However, if you want to achieve maximum performance, you must perform regular maintenance. Read More»