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3 Likely Reasons for Your Septic Tank Problems

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Lying underground outside, it is easy to forget that you have a septic tank, at least until you start experiencing problems with your septic tank system. Septic systems serve as waste water treatment plants particularly in residential areas with large lot sizes or those with widely-spaced houses.

If you use a septic system in your house, all the waste water collects at the septic tank before it is released into the drain field. Therefore, the working condition of your septic tank significantly affects the overall efficiency of your septic system greatly. Here are some probable causes of problems that can emanate from your septic tank.

Clogging of the tank's outlet

If anything other than the effluent (sludge or scum) leaves the septic tank and goes into the drainfield, the tank's outlet (pipe, sand or rock) may become clogged. If this occurs, the septic tank will fail to pump out effluent regularly.

It is important to bear in mind that the septic tank will eventually become clogged over the normal functioning life of a septic system. Scheduling regular pump-outs can help ensure your septic tank remains in top notch working condition.

Excessive waste accumulation in the tank

Over time, there will be a build-up of waste in the septic tank; an accumulation of sludge (sinkable solids such as soil) at the bottom and floating scum (such as cooking oil) will decrease the optimal holding capacity of the tank.

When the waste holding limit of a septic tank is reached, untreated effluent starts appearing above ground or plumbing installations such as toilets and kitchen sinks begin overflowing, resulting in a full-blown problem. For that reason, make sure you schedule regular inspection and cleaning of your septic tank to prevent excessive build-up of waste.

Poor workmanship in the installation of the tank

How well a septic tank works does not depend on factors unique to the septic system itself alone. Septic tank problems may also arise due to poor workmanship by septic tank system installers.

For example, poor description of the soil profile may leave you at the mercy of torrential rains if the tank is not installed on aerobic soil, which has high water absorption properties. Incompetent installers may also build the tank on slowly permeable layers of fractured rock, which are bound to damage the tank with time.

What's more, these installers may fail to detect looming hazards such as root intrusion that may cause damage to your septic tank in the long run.

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