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Common Questions About Owning and Maintaining a Septic System

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A septic system can be a good choice if your property is not serviced by city water supplies or if those supplies tend to get interrupted often for whatever reason. What you flush down the toilet or put down a drain goes into a septic tank, which is then cleaned and emptied on a regular basis. Note a few common questions about owning and maintaining a septic system on your property so you know what to expect and can keep it in good working order.

1. What are risers?

A septic tank is buried underground which means the lid needs to be found each time your liquid waste disposal company services your tank. The ground usually needs to be dug up each time, which is often done for an added fee. Risers are put onto the lid of the tank so that these risers are above ground and more readily found. Risers can also eliminate added fees for digging up the ground as they allow the lid to be opened quickly and easily.

2. Can a septic tank service a home with a garbage disposal?

In many cases a garbage disposal can be used with a septic system, but it may add to the solid waste in the tank. This can increase the risk of clogs and backups in your pipes, and may necessitate added visits from your liquid waste disposal company. You might ask the company you hire about using a garbage disposal and if it's recommended for your tank, but note that you might also consider composting your food waste or disposing of it by other means to protect the tank.

3. Can a septic tank be used if there is a well or body of water on the property?

This is something that will probably vary according to your location, as it's usually local codes and laws that dictate if a septic system can be located near a well, lake, canal, stream, or other source of water. In most areas there will need to be a particular distance between the septic tank and the well or water body.

4. What if the septic tank smells?

Most liquid waste removal companies will use deodorants or other additives to remove the smell of a septic tank, but if you should notice an overwhelming odor, talk to your service representative. You may need to have the tank emptied more often or may have a leak somewhere in the lines that needs addressing.