Taking Septic Services Into the Future: Research, Tips and Ideas

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Why You Should Buy a Domestic Wastewater Treatment System for Your Home

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When many people think about wastewater treatment, they think about the treatment of wastewater that is generated in commercial and industrial facilities. Of course, this wastewater does have to be dealt with in the proper manner. However, it isn’t the only type of wastewater that has to be dealt with. Wastewater is generated in your home every day, for example, and it’s important to make sure that this wastewater is handled in the proper manner. Read More»

3 Reasons You Should Hire an Professional to Maintain Your Septic Tank

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After investing in a septic tank for your wastewater management, you must observe the recommended maintenance practices to improve its functionality and longevity. Proper maintenance will offer tangible benefits and give you value for the money you invest. Therefore, you should hire a septic tank professional to inspect your septic system periodically and pump the septic every few years to enjoy the following benefits. 1. Regular Septic Tank Maintenance Prevents More Severe Issues Read More»

What Are Septic Tanks, and How Are They Maintained?

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Septic tanks are used to break sewage down to make it disposable. They require regular maintenance in the form of pumping out to reduce the need for repairs. How they work A septic tank contains water and bacteria. When sewage passes into the tank, the bacteria break it down to create wastewater and a hard component of sludge. The wastewater then travels to a drain or lagoon where it will be discarded. Read More»

Wastewater Treatment: How to Maintain Your Sand Filter Septic System

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If your home does not have an extended plot of land for a standard drain field, you should look into installing a sand filter system. This type of setup is designed to allow the treated effluent to flow back into the soil through a sand filter or a bed of sand. This septic structure is convenient and inexpensive for a home. However, if you want to achieve maximum performance, you must perform regular maintenance. Read More»

Things to Consider Before Your Septic Tank Installation

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Septic tank installations are rarely easy, which means you either need a sound knowledge of the placement process or a professional who does. Prior to placing your tank, you need to prepare the site and make sure it meets all of your property’s requirements. From clearing the area to confirming dimensions, you should take each step carefully to ensure success. Can your site accommodate the septic tank’s size? Figuring out the dimensions of your site is especially important if you’re doing the septic tank installation yourself. Read More»

Drainage Solutions When Your Home's Property Is Getting Too Much Moisture

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It’s very important for homeowners to consider how to address drainage problems when their home’s property is getting too much moisture, as this excess moisture can cause water damage to a home’s foundation. It can also settle under concrete driveways and walkways, causing them to shift and crack. There are some simple solutions you might consider when your home’s property is always flooded or just overly moist, so note a few of these here. Read More»

The Dos and Don'ts of Alternative Septic Tank System Maintenance

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Alternative septic tank systems are installed in sites/homes that have special underground constitutions that make a conventional septic tank and leach field unfeasible. These include homes that have high water tables, thin soils with bedrock too close to the surface or homes located on a steep slope. The exact system you choose depends on a number of factors, including the amount of space you have, affordability and effect on your landscaping among others. Read More»

Common Questions About Owning and Maintaining a Septic System

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A septic system can be a good choice if your property is not serviced by city water supplies or if those supplies tend to get interrupted often for whatever reason. What you flush down the toilet or put down a drain goes into a septic tank, which is then cleaned and emptied on a regular basis. Note a few common questions about owning and maintaining a septic system on your property so you know what to expect and can keep it in good working order. Read More»

3 Likely Reasons for Your Septic Tank Problems

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Lying underground outside, it is easy to forget that you have a septic tank, at least until you start experiencing problems with your septic tank system. Septic systems serve as waste water treatment plants particularly in residential areas with large lot sizes or those with widely-spaced houses. If you use a septic system in your house, all the waste water collects at the septic tank before it is released into the drain field. Read More»